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Hybrid Power Generation


Feature of Hybrid

  • · By combining solar power and wind power, a stable
  • · Electricity production is possible
  • · Even on a rainy day, power system using wind energy


Wind Power Generator

  • · Vertical lift force-type blades suitable for low wind speed conditions in Korea
  • · Developed a new unique blade airfoil, the core part of wind-power generation, based on CAE analysis
  • · The vertical wind power turbine is equipped with cutting-edge technologies regardless of the wind direction and needs no tracking.
  • · Silent operation with lower than 45dB (A)


Sola Module

  • · Use high-quality solar cell tested by the internationally certified process
  • · Highly reliable fixed-frames that passed the wind load test to stand the strong wind


System Design Verification

  • · Foundation design and structure for wind resistance (tested and carefully studied through CFD)
  • · Optimized product design and through demostrating high generation efficiency


Hybrid Power System Design

하이브리드 발전 구성도

Solar power specification is designed customisable Please contact this company